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New Patients at
Backcountry Chiropractic

Welcome to Backcountry Chiropractic! At every visit, you’ll be greeted warmly by our front desk staff. If you’re bringing your children, our practice features a fun play area where “kids can be kids.”

Before your first appointment, we encourage you to complete the necessary intake paperwork beforehand to save time. Please bring your insurance card(s) so our front office staff can confirm your benefits as well as your driver’s license or another form of identification. We also invite you to bring a positive attitude expecting that we’re going to be able to help!

If you haven’t filled out your paperwork, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to complete intake forms and provide the necessary insurance information.


Next, Dr. Scott will greet you, introduce himself and bring you into the exam room. He will spend some time getting to know you and what your chief complaint is, how long it’s been going on and how severe it is.

After he determines specifically from a subjective standpoint how your complaint is affecting your life, Dr. Scott will help you meet your goals. For example, you may have a limp that’s affecting your cycling or your back pain may be preventing you from playing with your children.

He wants to help you be able to get back to the different activities of daily living that are important to you.

Exam & Report of Findings

Then, Dr. Scott will perform a thorough examination and then a brief report of findings. He will use a spine model and provide a quick anatomy lesson, explaining what a subluxation or nerve interference is.

The Adjustment

You likely will receive your first chiropractic adjustment. We find that the majority of our patients feel better after the first adjustment. It’s important to remember that it’s a process and how quickly you heal depends on how long you’ve had your condition.

Dr. Scott will discuss the three types of care that we offer:

  1. Relief care, which is when we get you out of pain
  2. Corrective care, which is when we deal with the integrity of the soft tissues
  3. Wellness care to maintain your results

Before you leave the office, Dr. Scott will give you an overall sense of what chiropractic is, how he can help you or what he anticipates the duration of care to be for you.

If you complete your paperwork in advance, please allow 45 minutes to an hour.

Do you take X-rays on every patient?

Not necessarily. Dr. Scott will adjust some patients without needing to take X-rays first. However, if you’ve had trauma or are dealing with a chronic condition, and don’t get any relief within about 3-4 weeks, then Dr. Scott may refer you out for a baseline X-ray. We refer patients to Central Oregon Radiology to have X-rays taken.
Will you adjust on the first visit?

Typically, yes.
When do you discuss financials?

After your appointment, our front office manager will have checked your benefits and will let you know what your insurance plan covers (e.g. how many visits).

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